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Are you a career aspirant focused in making a difference to someone’s quality of life and support them to bring the smile on their face , then we are here to hold your hand to the world of career

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we are highly experienced and skilled at providing high quality temporary staffing solutions to the UK healthcare sector.
We supply nurses to the public sector including the NHS trust, we also supply private sector nursing homes and other healthcare providers including mental health organization’s.
To meet your purposes, contact our team in Plymouth today on +44 7310 786320

Health Care Staffing Solution in Plymouth

We are dedicated to providing Clients with competent, compliant, and confident Agency Nurses and carers for short- and long-term placements.

We’re focused on meeting, and exceeding, Client expectations; a reliable and trusted Nursing Agency, we can help you manage your staffing levels.

Quality and Compliance
We fully understand the importance of compliance, and ensure we match Agency Nurses and carers to the right healthcare environment based on their qualifications, experience, and skillset. This, combined with our rigorous registration process, ensures safe patient care and a high-quality service for both Client and Candidate.

Our friendly and experienced recruitment consultants are committed to providing staff on short notice. They will deal with all enquires promptly and professionally, providing Clients with regular updates.

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We’re Able To Find The Right Opportunity For You

If you’re looking for your new agency nurse job, we are perfectly positioned to help you in your search. We are able to talk you through the currency nursing job opportunities, with industry insights and pay rate data. 

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Our Client Promise

We are passionate about delivering the best possible results for clients, every time.

Robust Recruitment

A rigorous and robust recruitment and registration process ensures our agency staffs are high quality & compliant.

Excellent Pay Rates

We Offer industry-leading rates of pay, with weekly payroll, via PAYE or Umbrella.